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ART is a reminder, a connector, a way of going beyond into the immeasurable, it is the unmeasurable. Art and the artist are integral in our design concept.

Our gallery space is a forum to show the work of young talented Indonesian artists who represent the current local culture but don't usually have access to commercial art galleries. Our curator, Kenyut Djunaidi, started out as one of them but is rapidly becoming well known with shows in Malaysia and Singapore.

Yet artistic creations are not confined to the gallery space as we encourage artists to experiment around the site where we can see the colourful results on some or our building walls. Art exists to nudge. You will find nudges throughout Bloo Lagoon. Japanese sculptor Keiji, who lives in Ubud, masterfully carved the beautiful dark stone that sits on the swimming pool deck. A massive stone that was found on the site while excavating for construction, it took several men to move it to its present location.

At Bloo Lagoon we are continually bringing in more creative talent. Our artist in residence program allows foreign artists to create in their own dedicated space and be inspired by the richness of the local culture. Amelie Desjardins, French Canadian mix media artist, brings her whole family to Bloo Lagoon where she prepares her next international exhibition.

Our interests also encompass music, theater, dance and Traditional Balinese performances. The open air amphitheater, naturally carved out of the hillside, is an ideal place to enjoy a show with the magnificent backdrop of the sea below.

Our workshops bring together people who wish to raise awareness to different topics like permaculture and sustainability. Balinese artist Made Muliana works with salvaged materials, mostly plastic, and makes art out of trash. He brings his teachings to local schools and spreads the word about this serious problem.


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