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What are the negatives/positives of ecological design?
Bloo Lagoon is not a mainstream hotel but rather an ecological approach to living in which nature is foremost. We are an alternative for those travelers who treasure contact with nature and wish to live in harmony with it. It is an ecosystem that attracts birds, butterflies, frogs, geckos, and plants. Occasionally we see monkeys and monitor lizards. Since we do not fog with pesticides we sometimes get bees, ants and mosquitoes. We have planted neem trees, a natural mosquito repellent, and we provide mosquito nets for the beds.
We hope you will soon get used to the local sounds and enjoy the chorus.
How far is Bloo Lagoon from Denpasar International Airport?
Approximately one hour and a half.
Can Bloo Lagoon arrange airport pick up and drop off?
Yes, please email us at with your flight details and number of adults and children.
I hear that the houses are very open, what can I expect?
We keep the houses very open for maximum airflow. Although some bathrooms are in gardens they are screened for privacy.
Why donít we have television in the houses?
Most guests like to distance themselves and their children from TV whilst on vacation and discover the real world rather than the virtual.
Why is there so little air conditioning?
Air conditioning is a very big user of energy so we designed the homes to make use of the natural air flow that we receive on our hill and have installed fans in all rooms. There are a few bedrooms that do not have much air flow advantage where we have installed a/c. If you must have a/c please let the office know when you book.
Is LED lighting good enough?
Our first experiments taught us about the disadvantages of being an early experimenter and many of our lights have dimmed with time. We are replacing those inadequate bulbs and replacing them with second generation bulbs. In order to save electricity we have designed the lighting more for spotlighting in work areas and for reading. You will find 2 movable lights on each bed that are good for reading. They can be switched on and off from inside the mosquito net.
What about candles?
There is the risk of fire and considering our grass roofs candles are not a good idea, same with mosquito coils.
Why do we find leaves inside the house and in the pool?
There is usually a nice breeze at Bloo Lagoon and even though the staff continually clean, it is not possible to maintain an open space free of leaves.
Why donít we have more lighting on the paths at night?
We try not to over light so guests can enjoy the moonlight and stars and not have bright street lamps imposing on them. Sometimes we under do it and sometimes the plants block the lamps. We have increased the amount of LEDs where we need better lighting. We appreciate if you let us know of any areas that need attention.
Why such rough paths and roads?
Again we do not wish to concrete the earth and are trying for natural foot made paths, these take a little time to wear in. Our village is more country than urban and although much of the western approach is to make everything level and ďsafeĒ we are trying for a more ecological and natural route and expecting the users to take care and not assume levelness. This is good training for the real world.
Unpainted walls and ceilings?
Sometimes we leave the concrete exposed rather than paint it. This may look unfinished to you but it is more honest and more ecological. Outside it will quickly weather to a natural look. Think Rome the inventors of concrete.
Is the beach private?
No, the Blue Lagoon beach is public. It is down the road from Bloo Lagoon and it is great for snorkeling. However, the tide can be rough and the cleanliness of the beach is dependent on currents.
Is Bloo Lagoon safe?
We designed our houses to be very open and we can do this because Bali is a very safe environment. We recommend, nevertheless, to lock all valuables in the safe boxes provided. Larger objects like laptops can be hidden or left at the office where our staff will put them away safely.
Is Padangbai and the beaches within walking distance?
Yes, but if you don't feel like exercising up and down our hill, our shuttle will drop you off and pick you up from the beach and/or town.
Is there a restaurant at Bloo Lagoon? What about Padangbai?
There is a restaurant at Bloo Lagoon that serves both international and Indonesian dishes and organic fruits and vegetables from our gardens. There are also restaurants in town.
Is there a baby cot available?
Yes, please mention it when you make the reservation.
Is it possible to hire a babysitter?
Yes, our staff will assist you, please mention it when you make the reservation.
What are the legal requirements to travel to Indonesia?
Current regulations allow citizens of most countries to stay in Indonesia for a maximum of thirty days free of charge. Please, check the status of your country of origin.
Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least six more months from the arrival date, otherwise you will not be allowed to fly into Indonesia.


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